What’s The Special Offers Kindle all about?   1 comment

Do you think the Kindle is a little too expensive? Would you like to save about $20 when you purchase one? How about receiving special offers such as money saving coupons or gift cards? Well, if you order the “Kindle with Special Offers”, you can receive all that plus a little more. What’s the catch? Keep reading …

Kindle has taken its latest generation Kindle (yes the one with the paper-like Pearl electronic ink display and one month battery.) and added a twist. The Special Offers mentioned earlier consist of screen savers that are actually advertisements. These advertisements are for various products and are displayed as screen savers (not popups) and are also displayed on the bottom of the home page.

Although you can’t specifically choose which advertisements are displayed there is an option to choose what type of things you would like to see more or less of.  Kindle will also be releasing something called AdMash to their current customers. This is an application that allows people to vote on advertisements, if they don’t pass the test, they don’t make it to the “Special Offers Kindle”.

Along with the savings of $20 (which brings the price to $114) you will also receive offers delivered regularly to your Kindle. These offers include a $20 Gift Card that can be purchased for $10 to be used on Amazon.com, purchase an album for $1 at the Amazon MP3 Store. Depending on the regularity of these offers, this version of the Kindle could end up paying for itself.

With that being said, is the $20 savings on the Kindle worth it to you? Can you deal with the idea of seeing advertisements in a place that is your getaway? Will it be like turning the page and seeing an advertisement for some random soda company?

What do I think? Oh no, that is a decision you will have to make for yourself.  My job is to review and report not to judge. Ok, fine, you really want my opinion … I say if you are going to order the $139 Kindle you might as well get it for $114. Do you really need to choose your screensaver? It is not as if you have to purchase any of the products advertised. If the screen saver is on, you probably aren’t looking at the screen anyway. There, that was my opinion. Feel free to take or leave it. In case you decide to take it, the Kindle with Special Offers is releasing on May 3,2011 but you can order it now on Amazon.com.


Posted April 22, 2011 by aprilnikkia in Tech